WakUp Alarm Clock App iPhone Alarm Center

Alarm Center

manage all your alarms for weekdays, weekend or just a time to wake up in certain days

WakUp Alarm Clock App iPhone Sleep Analysis

Sleep Analysis

record all your activity while you sleep (integrated with Apple Health)

WakUp Alarm Clock with Apple Watch App

Apple Watch

early support with features like daily sleep goals, information of your last night sleep and the list of alarms set on iPhone

WakUp Alarm Clock App iPhone with iTunes Support

iTunes Music

when the default beautiful sounds aren't enough choose your favorite music from your music library

Wake up your Way

With multiple ways to turn off you can choose the one that best suits you

  • Whole new modern way Flip
  • The classic Slide
  • For a sleepy person Shake
  • Or keep things simple Tap


Snoozing also never been so easy. Just move your hand over the proximity sensor (near front camera) to snooze. Remember those days with fuzzy eyes where you eventually end up by pressing the turn off button instead of snooze? These days are gone!

Sleep Analysis

You can choose to analyse your activity while you are sleeping, so you can have a view of your sleep quality.

  • Data sharing with Apple Health
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What Say’s Our Clients

I've been using this app for almost a year and I love it. It's hard to snooze without being fully awake, so I don't oversleep.

United States

Ficou ótimo após a atualização. A central de alarmes era o que faltava! Recomendo!!!


I have downloaded/purchased dozens+ alarm clock apps looking for the features I thought would make a great alarm clock. But sadly none measured up UNTIL I found this app. It wasn’t quite there but very close so I wrote to the author (Pedro) and incredibly he liked my suggestions and incorporated them into the app. Now it’s the BEST alarm clock app of all I’ve found!!

The Teaman
United States

Deze gratis wekker heeft alke opties die je nodig hebt. Snooze door je iPhone om te draaien of je hand op je telefoon te leggen. Je kunt het scherm uitzetten zodat je niet de hele nacht licht in je kamer hebt. Je kunt nog wakker worden met je Itunes muziek ook!


Esta app es bastante útil, fácil de usar y muuuuy bien 👍👍👍

Alex el pro

This alarm clock is so effective I can't imagine using something else. Very simple, clean user interface. I love the range of alarm sounds. But above all, I love the extra features such as the flashlight!

United States

This clock make an effort to wake me up not like ios 7 clock and it's more beautiful than ios7's clock

Asa Khoa Nguyen
United States

Wake Works! Easy to use and easy to set up. Like the vibrate feature for quiet alerts. Look forward to new features in the future!

United States

True that waking up early is hard to do and this app can really help a lot. Super like!


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